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How To Build A Time Freedom Framework & Start Earning Online

We'll show you how to cultivate it through a life lived on your terms. A FREE Masterclass starting you off on the steps to build a time freedom framework & start earning an income online.


Journey with us travelling Australia as a family... Our blog

We know alot goes into planning a road trip, to make things easier we want to share with you what we learnt on the road and the epic places you need to see.


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User Generated Content

We create scroll stopping short videos or UGC (User Generated Content) that you can use for your brand on your own Tik Tok / Instagram / Facebook for either organic or you paid advertising on your brands own pages.

“We wanted to escape the chaos of our normal lives, the routines, the running around & most of all the cold weather in the South”



Donna Buckingham


"We have always been passionate about travel"

Our family has a strong sense of adventure, it had always been a dream of ours to travel around all of Australia… We just didn’t now how or when it could possibly happen.  In a cold winter of 2019, after a super busy week and a few wines we made the decision to make the huge change and sell everything, leave our careers & pack up and move into a Caravan.

Sharing our stories with you..

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to quit your job, take your kids out of school, unplug from normal life and set off on a epic adventure.

Hey, I am Donna and together with my family we moved into our mini home on wheels (with the pets) and set off on a epic adventure. This our caravan and creating a life of freedom is our driving force behind our sense of adventure.